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Industries using 3D printing

Industrial prototyping

Through 3D printing, each prototype can be designed and tested to verify its functionality, as well as to correct errors of a model before it is put into production. It is the cheapest and fastest prototype implementation technique ready for immediate testing of the technical and functional characteristics of the product in real-world conditions.


Layouts with many elements and details are no longer a performance issue. Thanks to 3D prototyping technology, you can hold the layout of your building or architectural environment for literally hours, saving you time and money to build it.

Promotional Items, Souvenirs

3D printing gives you endless opportunities to grow your branding by presenting to each of your clients custom-made advertising material designed specifically to promote your business with something that others do not have. The options for promotional material are almost limitless, starting with the unique USB flash drives and chemicals and getting to the parts for cars with your branding elements, as well as company party sweets with your logo.


The most useful direction for society in the development of 3D modeling is medicine. It is now possible to make a prosthesis for each part of the body by scanning the site and giving it a precise denture that allows the skin to breathe. this technology makes it possible to make implants on which hair grows and to imprint the skin itself from biomaterial.
By building organs from stem cells, a functioning organ is already created to be transplanted immediately.
In dentistry, it is used both for making a model of the damaged site and for making biocompatible implants, teeth, crowns, etc.

Fineart, sculpture, miniatures

3D printing with 3D modeling software / Zbrush and more. / are a new opportunity for sculptures to realize their works of art. The material that FDM printers work with allows the manufacture of molds and the casting of sculptures of metal, resin and more.


Any design idea can now be executed quickly and its functionality tested. So very quickly, within 1 day, every designer can take their idea in hand and see how it works in real-life situations. This way of making a real product gives even the bravest of design ideas a conversion.

Accessories, Fashion, Household

Three-dimensional prototyping enables every accessory, jewelry, or everyday item to be unique and created specifically for the person who uses it. There is no need for batch production and minimal quantities. With this technology, you can get a unique and unique ring, phone, accessory, even clothes and shoes, or whatever you think is right for you. What kind of kid would not like to have their own unique toys or cute toy forms with a favorite character?

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